Banheira de hidromassagem para 6 pessoas HL-5817

  • Modelo: HL-5817

Descrição do Produto

Hot Sale Balboa 6 Person Hot Tub e Hot Tub Spa Pool da bela e luxuosa Outdoor Jacuzzi Spa Company, venha e escolha suas banheiras de hidromassagem agora!

Informação básica. Componentes Elétricos
Size 2000x2000x920 milímetros Sistema de controle Balboa X 1 
Assento Pessoa 6 Aquecedor 3 KW X 1
Material: US Aristech Acrylic Bomba Whirlpool 3 HP X 1
Peso líquido 325 KGS Bomba de circulação 0.5 HP X 1
Capacidade de água 1350 L
Configuração de jatos Outros Equipamentos
Total de jatos 33 PCS Spa Top Hard Cover 1 PCS
Jatos de água (5 ") 2 PCS Espuma de isolamento para casca 1 SET
Jatos de água (2 ") 28 PCS PS saia e degrau 1 SET
Jatos de terapia potating (3.5 ") 1 PCS Isolamento Para Saia 1 SET
Jatos de terapia potating (3 ") 2 PCS Ozônio e filtro 1 SET
Diodo emissor de luz 19 PCS
Válvulas de superfície 3 PCS
Sucção 2 PCS

Com um Banheira de hidromassagem para 6 pessoas, you can enjoy a variety of different hot tub features and therapeutic benefits. If you are considering purchasing a 6 person hot tub for your home, you are not alone. The vast majority of home owners are interested in having a 6 person hot tub, but there is an array of different sizes, styles, materials, and levels of service available. It is essential that you choose a spa that is designed for the size and style of your home, so that you get the most out of your hot tub investment.


A typical 6 person hot tub has many of the same standard features as other spas. Your 6 person hot tub or 6 passenger hot tub from Aquaspring spas incorporates the latest innovative construction methods and ultra-sleek, easy maintenance which enable you to spend less time in the spa and more time relaxing, enjoying the soothing water, and enjoying life around you. This is because it is built on a solid platform of durable cast iron, and is made to be resistant to corrosion from the elements. Because it uses a saltwater system, you will also enjoy the therapeutic qualities of fresh, clean, crystal clear water.


One of the unique features of these banheiras de hidromassagem ao ar livre is their self-cleaning feature. As you will read in the Owner's Manual, they are equipped with a self-cleaning system that uses a combination of onboard pumps to circulate the water and keep it clean. As the pump sucks up the water and cleans it, the accumulated dirt and debris will flow down into the collection reservoir. This continual process takes place continuously, day and night, providing you with continuous clean water at all times. These innovative features make it possible to enjoy a swim in any of the 6 person hot tubs and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of an ionic current flowing through your body.


If you are looking for a way to set the ambiance of this wonderful new addition to your home, you can choose one of several available styles of in-line lighting. The Hot Tubs comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, blue, purple, hot pink, yellow, green, and multi-color led lights. The lighting in the Hot Tubs can be activated either by a remote control switch or a sensor. You can turn on the green led lights to look like underwater algae and coral. You can turn on the red led lights to look like flames and wave to distract your friends and family as you relax in the amazing water temperature.


Other popular features of the 6-person hot tub include stereo controls, electronic chips, drink holders, stainless steel door handles, adjustable massage tables, contoured backrests, and dual massage panels. These features not only add comfort to this spa, but also provide for safe and convenient use. Most spas have limited floor space, but the 6-person version of this hot tub allows for great design and flexibility of use. You can fit the entire spa in a single bed, or place it in a corner of a room, depending upon its size. This type of spas allows you to enjoy relaxing in a luxurious tub, without worrying about spilled fluids or splashes in the room.




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